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RSH Podcast series - Can we trust the aid sector to keep people safe?

On this episode, we reflect on challenges the aid sector has faced in keeping people safe and what it will take to make real improvements and restore trust. Nastasya Gecim talks to Hannah Clare, Head of PSEA & Safeguarding at Norwegian Refugee Council, and Dr. Faith Mwangi-Powell, the CEO of Girls not Brides. They make a powerful case for learning, partnerships and accountability.

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RSH Webinar:
Robust or Risky Recruitment

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Getting the HR function right for safeguarding is vital. Not only in in order to prevent people joining the organisation who are unsuitable to work with children and communities, but also to discipline staff or others who breach policies and codes of conduct. This webinar will look at how recruitment can be strengthened through collaborations, with particular reference to smaller and less-resourced organisations.

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