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Impact of epidemics on SEAH Easy Read PDF1.06 ميغابايت 1.06 ميغابايت
Impact of epidemics on SEAH Easy Read Word6.28 ميغابايت 6.28 ميغابايت
كيف يمكن أن يتسب ب تفشي الأمراض بالإستغلال والإنتهاك وال ت حرش الجنسي1.77 ميغابايت 1.77 ميغابايت

This easy read evidence digest draws on evidence from past infectious disease epidemics to explore how the risks of sexual exploitation, abuse and sexual harassment (SEAH) increase during these outbreaks, and some good practice examples of how the aid sector has addressed these issues. The digest is arranged in two sections - the first section reviews selected evidence on the increased risks of SEAH, whilst the second section highlights guidance and resources on preventing and responding to SEAH during COVID-19.

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