Participatory action research with refugee women & girls to better prevent sexual exploitation & abuse - Lebanon Results Report

This report shares findings from the first phase of Empowered Aid, a multi-year participatory action research project in Uganda and Lebanon. This report presents findings from Lebanon around risks of sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) in relation to food, WASH, shelter, and cash assistance, throughout the distribution process. It also analyses risk factors identified by women and girls, who the perpetrators are, how communities respond to SEA, and survivors’ access to response services.  

The study is based on ethnographic, participatory action research with women and girls living in an urban refugee context in Tripoli, Lebanon. The report concludes with targeted, action-oriented recommendations to make aid distributions safer for women and girls, based on women and girl’s own analysis and recommendations, and outlines next steps for the project, which includes piloting recommendations from the research.  

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