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Guide resource package V2.0 is a step by step pocket guide for humanitarian practitioners on how to support survivors of gender based violence (GBV) actor is not available in your area (including a referral pathway or GBV focal point). It is a joint Gender Based Violence GBV Guidelines and GBV AoR resource, and is available to download in multiple languages. The resource package uses global standards on providing basic support and information to survivors of GBV without doing further harm. It includes an easy to read flow chart, quick reference Dos and Don’ts, and quick navigation to a step-by-step list of actions following a prepare, look, listen, and link framework.

Whilst this resource was not designed specifically for safeguarding, it can be used when meeting commitments on reporting and referral, particularly when receiving disclosures of harm and abuse that have not been caused by the organisation, and where referrals are necessary.

Resource #1: Background note and FAQs; Provides on overview of the Pocket Guide resource package, its role as a companion resource to the IASC GBV Guidelines, and key messages/talking points that can be used for advocacy and strategic communications. Resource #2: User Guide; Contains information and tools for briefing your team on using the Pocket Guide. Resource #3; A field-friendly resource for frontline practitioners in all humanitarian sectors. Includes a decision tree, Do's/Don'ts, sample scripts of what to say to a survivor and more.

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