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This is an organisation capacity self-assessment (OCA) tool that supports organisations in assessing their safeguarding capacity and helps them develop action plans to strengthen capacity. 

The self-assessment asks you to consider 17 statements in three categories: Diagnosis, What is Needed, and Mechanisms in Place. For each of these statements, consider how your organisation currently performs by giving it a score from 1 (we have a clear need for increased capacity) to 4 (we have a high level of capacity). Once completed, reflection on this tool can help your organisation identify areas for improvement. 

Woman standing while text asks about use of RSH organisational capacity self-assessment tool.

The organisational capacity self-assessment tool has been widely used in the RSH National Hubs. Listen here to Omole Mofoyeke describe how the OCA helped her organisation in Nigeria to update policies to ensure consent for those accessing digital content.

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