Following a new safeguarding policy that included anti-bullying training, and have led to greater awareness and made it easier to report concerns internally, the number of adult safeguarding concerns more than doubled at Save the Children International. In the same time, child safeguarding concerns have dropped by nearly a third, according to the charity’s latest accounts. 

The adult cases covered a wide range of incidents, from disrespectful comments in the workplace to bullying behaviour by line managers and misuse of power and abuse involving community members.The number of concerns rose from 80 in 2019 to 186 in the year up to the end of December 2020, the accounts show. Child safeguarding concerns, which had risen by more than half in 2019, fell by nearly a third in 2020, down from 589 to 401. More than 50 allegations were substantiated, which led to 18 dismissals and eight cases being reported to local authorities. 

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