Considering the findings of the In its response to the International Development Committee’s report, Progress on tackling the sexual exploitation and abuse of aid beneficiaries, the UK Government has confirmed that it will not fund any multilateral organisation whose safeguarding procedures it considers inadequate. However, the recent report into sexual exploitation at the Global Fund may pose a challenge to this assertion.

The Government has also accepted several other recommendations by the IDC. It confirmed that it has agreed to support the UN Trust Fund for Victims and the Committee looks forward to receiving more detail on this. The IDC is pleased to hear that the UK has co-led work to place additional requirements on the World Health Organisation following the recent exploitation that took place in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The new programme of support for survivors recently announced and commitments to work with community-based organisations to provide that support is also welcome.

The IDC’s report, ‘Progress on tackling the sexual exploitation and abuse of aid beneficiaries’, can be found on the website.



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