A a great opportunity for all professionals and academics working on safeguarding!

King's Forensics, King’s College London, will organise a one-day symposium on preventing sexual exploitation and abuse in the aid sector. The Conference will take place online on Friday 14th May, 2021.  

The conference will explore the current knowledge base of the underreported nature of sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) in the aid industry and innovative ways to tackle it.  The conference will be opened by former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, known for establishing Australia’s child abuse inquiry and her anti-misogyny speech, and close with an opportunity for participants to discuss partnerships for future work.  

The conference will specifically disseminate the findings of our review on the nature and scale of SEA by civilian aid workers and explore the use of DNA testing and genetic genealogy to secure justice for victims and hold perpetrators to account, by identifying fathers of children born to survivors of SEA. It will further explore the ethical and legal challenges to scaling this work and the institutional reforms needed to make progress on the issue. 

The conference seeks to energise the debate around preventing SEA in the aid sector and secure commitments to further systematic investigation into SEA in humanitarian and development contexts. Register for the conference here.  

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