Médecins Sans Frontières took down two photos of a 16-year-old girl from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) who was gang-raped by three armed men after photographers, activists, and human rights lawyers condemned the images on Twitter. A spokesperson said the medical NGO accepted that it had been “a misjudgment to publish identifiable pictures of a minor who had been through this experience”.

The photographs, which show the girl lying on a bench after receiving treatment at an MSF hospital, were taken in Drodro, a refugee camp in Ituri province. They came under fire after Benjamin Chesterton, the director of the UK film production company Duckrabbit, criticised their portrayal of black African women and girls who had survived sexual assault as racist and dehumanising. MSF initially defended the project but after continued condemnation from Chesterton, who has previously worked for the NGO in DRC, it removed five photos, including two of the girl, from an article on its website that also mentions her first name.




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