Following increasing awareness over cases of failing in applying safeguarding and due diligence measures, SOS Children’s Villages has announced that an independent Special Commission has been established to address past and contemporary cases of failings, including child abuse, corruption, misuse of funds, and breaches of regulations that protect children’s and employees’ human rights.

The independent Special Commission will investigate why the failures occurred, while in other instances the organisation’s policies and processes were appropriately followed through. It will be established during May 2021 under the leadership of an external and experienced chair In addition, the International Senate of SOS Children’s Villages also mandated the rapid creation of a global child safeguarding ombudsperson system to support victims/survivors and anybody seeking resolution of concerns.

A range of further actions to improve safeguarding include making funding from existing reserves available for direct individual support to all children, young persons and other persons affected by abuse in SOS Children’s Villages programmes, to ensure those affected can heal, have closure and have the capacity to become self-reliant.

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