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East Africa
Sierra Leone
The Gambia
United Kingdom
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The South2South (S2S) Safeguarding Consultancy Network was established in 2018 and consists of 7 global and expert organisations from 6 countries across Africa, Asia and the UK, with 30 years’ practical experience delivering protection and safeguarding programmes.

We have long championed the need for protection and safeguarding systems that make sense for the people implementing them, and the communities at risk benefitting from them. The best people to support those implementing programmes for the most marginalised are those with their own experience of working with these groups and communities.

We aim to develop the safeguarding capabilities of the private sector, civil society, communities, donors, public sector and government agencies by delivering a range of services that are tailored to the context of the organisation. These include:

  1. Organisational Safeguarding Audits
  2. Developing safeguarding policy and procedures
  3. Training, coaching and mentoring
  4. Advice on promoting children’s participation in safe programming
  5. Strengthening ethical business policies.

These services bring decades of practical expertise on issues of protection and safeguarding, with experience ranging from training frontline staff in small, local NGOs to providing support to government institutions and being an expert voice at international conferences on safeguarding.

We develop, deliver and champion locally relevant and culturally appropriate policies, training, advice and guidelines in order to keep children and adults at risk safe. S2S Network members work together with organisations to analyse their specific needs and develop tailored protection and safeguarding policy, guided auditing, training workshop facilitation and follow-on support.  

The S2S Network members are based in Sierra Leone, The Gambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Nepal and the UK, and we have carried out (and have the capacity to carry out) consultancy services in other countries, including Sudan, Uganda, India, Bangladesh and Switzerland, among others. Collectively, we have professional fluency in English, Swahili, Krio, Arabic and Nepali.

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Contact: Jill Healey, Executive Director at ChildHope

[email protected]

+44 (0)20 3559 6504


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