Our goal is to support organisations to safeguard against Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Sexual Harassment (SEAH). To do that, we are taking an in-depth look at the critical areas of safeguarding against SEAH. 

Every 2 months we will cover a new safeguarding topic. We will share dedicated information and resources on that topic and host live discussions for our community to share and learn from one another. 

The topics we are going to cover are below:

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Addressing safeguarding risks 

All organisations face the risk of SEAH. Learn how to apply global good practice to create a safe environment and do no harm.

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Creating a safeguarding culture

Organisational culture and leadership can impact on the risk of SEAH. Reflect on power and privilege and explore how diverse and inclusive organisations can be effective at preventing SEAH. 

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Safe recruitment

The Human Resources function is important. Understand how to integrate safeguards into the whole employment cycle in order to safely recruit and manage staff and associates.

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Safeguarding in the COVID-19 context

Materials and tools about how to safeguard people from SEAH during COVID-19 are available to support your thinking. Find guidance and resources on how to respond to SEAH risks and issues in this context.  

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