InterSEC: Action (International Sexual Exploitation of Children: Action) is a study to explore the scale and impact of sexual exploitation of women and children in international development settings.
The investigation is funded by King's Together and is a strategic award for 4 months. The project will branch across a number of King's departments and faculties including Analytical, Environmental and Forensic Science; War Studies; International Development and the Global Health Institute. The project is housed and being led by King's Forensics.

During the project, the post-holder will be involved in:

  • carrying out a systematic review to establish the state of the knowledge base and attempt to estimate the under-reporting of sexual exploitation by civilian aid workers (excluding uniformed peace-keepers) of beneficiaries in the aid industry and global extent of sexual exploitation by civilian aid workers (excluding uniformed peacekeepers) in the Aid Industry
  • mapping potential partners with a wider interest in activities associated with sexual exploitation
  • undertaking a preliminary analysis of alternative strategies for improving abuse reporting rates by victims, including the current methodology of waiting for victims to report and potential future methodology of pro-actively seeking out victims of abuse where abuse is known or ought to be known to take place
  • conducting a pilot study (proof of concept) combining expertise from King's Forensics (DNA @King's) using genetics and genetic genealogy with support from War Studies to sample children, identified as born of abuse, and analyse their DNA to track the fathers
  • an international conference at King's towards the end of the project

This post will be full-time, fixed term for 4 months.