We are looking for an individual or small team to support the review, development and implementation of appropriate safeguarding policies and practices across the HIF’s Community-Led Innovation Partnership programme. This consultancy will be during the period of January 2021 – March 2021.


The nature of the CLIP programme means that the Operational Partner organisations in DRC, Guatemala, Indonesia and the Philippines will be working in new ways and developing new kinds of relationships with community innovators, which in turn necessitate new approaches to safeguarding. Our safeguarding approach will build on existing ways of working, adapting ‘business as usual’ practices to support community innovators who may be non-traditional actors outside of existing management arrangements.

The community innovators supported through this programme will, in turn, be engaging other potentially vulnerable or marginalised members of the community. As such, they need to be equipped to recognise and mitigate safeguarding risks in relation to a variety of activities that may be undertaken at different points of the programme cycle.

This consultancy will support the development of appropriate resources and provide ‘training of trainers’ to ensure that safeguarding leads within each Operational Partner organisation are confident and equipped to carry out external training on safeguarding for community innovators and any other participants in the programme.